Get notified when you are out of service

'GSM Signal Monitor' monitors your phone signal strength and alerts you when you are out of service ⚠️ or in a low signal zone.

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Easy To Use

Start and forget. GSM Signal Monitor will do it's job in the background.

Multi SIM

Supports multi SIM devices with Android 5.1 or newer.

Real time signal data

Real time information about the GSM signal strength and quality in decibels (dBm).

Highly customizable

Great number of configuration options to make the app trully yours.

GSM Signal Monitor Features

Signal Lost / Restored notifications

GSM Signal Monitor will notify you when your signal is lost and restored.

Signal Low notifications

GSM Signal Monitor will notify you when you are in a low signal zone.

Roaming notifications

The app will notify you when your device enters roaming.

Mobile data notification

The app will ntotify you when your data connection is lost.

SIM Card info

Detailed SIM card info, such as phone number, voice mail number, SIM Card Serial number, Subscriber ID, mobile operator and network type.

Events Log

GSM Signal Monitor logs every signal related event in it's notifications log.

Log export

Exporting your log in CSV, PDF and HTML formats.

Events Location

GSM Signal Monitor can retrieve each event location.

Extended Event details

The app can be configured to collect additional information about the network and device states.

Quiet Hours

The app can be configured to suppress its notification during specified time period or honor system 'Do not disturb' mode.

What users say about GSM Signal Monitor


If your question is not in here, feel free to contact us before leaving angry reviews on the Store :)

GSM Signal Monitor will wake up some devices in order to perform a signal check. You can adjust how often the app should wake up your device in settings.

We will usually say that when there is no SIM card present in your device or the card validity is expired.

GSM Signal Monitor supports dual SIM devices with Android version 5.1 or newer.

Check your device power saving settings and add GSM Signal Monitor as an app you wish to use when in power saving mode.

Some device vendors places restriction on the apps that can start automatically. Most notably Huawei, Asus and Meizu. Please check your device settings.

We are trying to support as many devices as possible. Due to the specific nature of the app it could happen that you are experiencing problems running GSM Signal Monitor or the app does not work at all. If that's the case, contact us by providing as much information as possible for your device.

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